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Get an IT edge with a Diploma of Informatics

Currently the Diploma in Informatics is the only IT-related diploma offered.

Diploma in Informatics

Complement your major studies with this diploma to equip yourself with knowledge that employers seek. In this Diploma you will:

  • learn tools and technologies to solve information-related problems in a range of application areas
  • develop programming skills
  • design online and web-based solutions
  • develop the skills necessary to work effectively with people in other disciplines.

Informatics opens up career opportunities in finance, economics, biology, geology, chemistry, engineering, health, communications and social media.

The Diploma adds one semester to a normal three-year degree, allowing you to graduate with a degree and diploma in 3.5 years.

A concurrent diploma in informatics can be taken by student within any degree except students undertaking the Bachelor of Science majoring in either Computing and Software Systems or Informatics.

The Diploma in Informatics provides a pathway to the following graduate programs:

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