Technical Focus

Master of Information Technology (MIT)

The MIT will provide you with lifelong technical skills to devise solutions to problems.

The Master of Information Technology (MIT) is a program for creative students, who are passionate about cutting edge technology and its application in solving real world problems across all areas of business, government, health and society.

The program teaches the fundamental technical skills that are applicable across a range of IT platforms; skills that will not date, such as applied algorithmics, data mining, distributed computing and programming language design. This ensures our graduates keep pace with the swift changes that occur in technology.

As industry continues to be transformed by IT, a new workforce with transferrable, problem-solving skills is in high demand. The MIT is closely aligned with industry and includes the opportunity for successful applicants to undertake a 25 point (2 subject equivalent) industry placement with a leading employer.

The MIT is available in four specialisations — Computing, Distributed Computing, Health, Spatial — focused on areas of growing importance in technology, business and government.  

The MIT caters equally to those with a limited IT background looking for in-depth technical and theoretical education and those with strong experience in the domain. Depending on your work experience and undergraduate qualification, the MIT is available as a:

  • 2 year (200 point) program for graduates of any discipline, who have studied at least one programming subject as part of their undergraduate course
  • 1.5 year (150 point) program for graduates with an IT major as part of their 3 year undergraduate degree
  • 1 year (100 point) program for IT graduates with a four year degree in information technology, including advanced studies in their area of specialisation, or two years of cognate work experience.

All applications are made for the 200 point, 2 year program, however the actual duration of your course will depend on any credit granted. For example, applicants granted 50 points of credit will enter the 150 point, 1.5 year program, while applicants granted 100 points of credit, the maximum amount of credit that may be granted, will enter the 100 point, 1 year program.

Career Outcomes

MIT graduates are well placed to secure exciting roles worldwide, whatever their specialisation. MIT graduates possess the highly transferrable, theoretical and technical skills that make them globally-mobile and sought after by industry. A wealth of graduate careers are available in areas such as: cloud computing, web and mobile app development, eHealth, disaster management and GPS technology.

The Master of Information Technology provides the level of IT specialisation increasingly required in industry positions, and will suit students with an undergraduate major in IT, as well as those with minimal programming experience. It is the fastest pathway to the IT profession for applicants with an undergraduate degree in an unrelated discipline, who would like to switch to IT.

IT & IS Career Pathways brochure 765kb pdf

Professional Accreditation

The MIT is provisionally accredited by the Australian Computer Society and qualifies graduates for international membership of the Association for Computing Machinery and the Association for Information Systems. Full accreditation will be granted when the first cohort of students graduate.

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