Dr Rachelle Bosua

Teaches into the Master of Information Systems

Dr Bosua’s research interests are knowledge strategy, social networks, knowledge sharing and the transfer of knowledge in organisational teams.

Dr Bosua completed her PhD in 2008 at the University of Melbourne. In her PhD, Dr Bosua developed a model that explains the different supportive networks that enable and facilitate knowledge sharing in organisational teams.

Dr Bosua is interested in knowledge codification and reuse, and the ways in which information is managed to support knowledge flows in teams. She also researches Communities of Practice, and the modeling and design of systems that support knowledge management activities.

IT is challenging, interesting and a creative profession, especially for women. I wouldn’t like to be anywhere else.

Dr Bosua supervises both PhD and Masters students studying an array of topics, including information sharing and content management, memory systems in virtual teams, and the link between organisational learning and intellectual capital.

We live in this fascinating information-rich world today where we can collaborate, communicate and socialise with colleagues and friends all over the world — all because of IT.

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